Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Honestly, there are times when I feel discouraged. I feel, in a sense, deaf.  I long to hear God's voice but can’t. There seems to be distance between myself and my Creator whether real or imagined. I wonder if He is there, if He is listening, what He is doing, and if and when He will answer.  My head knows the Truth but my heart doubts. Do you ever have those moments?

Yet why can't I hear Him?
  I do know that God speaks to us in so many ways. Through circumstances, through people, through trials, through blessings. Mostly through His Word. I do pray for eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to know the mind of Christ and the will of God. Even so, sometimes He still seems distant, quiet.  That is when I can become discouraged. Knowing yet not hearing. Searching yet not finding.
Of course, God is faithful. And, He is good. In His loving kindness, He revealed something to me through my precious family recently that brought me joy, reassurance and encouragement concerning His constant presence and desire to communicate with us in depth.

As He would have it, God often reveals things to me through my children. Very humbling and exciting!  My 14 year old son has been studying Hebrew for almost three years now.  He recently took it upon himself to do a research project on the tetragrammaton. YHVH - the 'unpronounceable name' of God.

Here is a summary of what my son shared with me: 

In Hebrew, characters not only have phonetic purpose but the characters in and of themselves have a pictographic meaning as well.
The letter on the far right is the yod. (Hebrew reads from right to left.) The letters all make the sound of the first letter in their name. Yod is y. Hey is h. Vav is v. Hey, is still h.

The yod and the hey together in context means; "His presence revealed." The yod in the context means "His presence" while the hey means in context; "His breath." "His presence manifested as His breath."

The vav means to join two into one. The hey means "revealed" or "manifestation." But, it denotes joining in union, like a marital joining. A Covenant revelation..... we have the yesterday in creation of Adam and Eve and the prophecy of the bride of Christ:

"His presence manifests in His breath (Us; He breathed us to life from the dust) as two join into one as one manifestation or revelation." 

As my son explained, I felt as if the doors of heaven were being opened to me so I could catch a small glimpse of His majesty. But, there was more....

In Paleo Hebrew, which works in pictograms, each letter had a meaning. Like hieroglyphs. Yod signifies a closed hand, a work or a deed done. The Hey, to the left of that, signifies the word "lo" or "behold!" The vav signifies a nail or peg, and signifies joining two things together. It denotes labor or a task.

Lo, the work and deed is done! Behold, the nails and pegs, the labor complete!”

My eyes filled with tears. God's very name is a tribute to the sacrifice of His Son. Absolutely amazing!
Not long after my son's research project, my husband was doing research on his own accord and came across this amazing truth in God's Word.  In using the pictographic translation of the Hebrew characters, in the Book of Genesis, the genealogy of Adam through Noah, the names of the firstborn sons, contain a message for us!

"Man is appointed mortal sorrow (death) but the Blessed God shall come down teaching. His death shall bring the despairing comfort, rest." 

Once again, our death sentence through sin is turned to triumph through our Savior, Jesus Christ!  Such a comfort and confirmation of His perfect plan, His omnipotence and His omnipresence contained with the Scriptures.

So, be encouraged!  His desires to communicate with us and reveal Himself to us are deep and intense. When we have the earnest desire to seek Him and know Him more, He will go to many lengths and use any method to communicate with us. He truly is  the God of details.

When we feel a lull in our walk, a time when the Lord may be quiet or we don’t sense or see Him working in our lives, remember and reflect on His multiple layers, His different ways of communicating with us, His depth, and the irrevocable proof that He exists. Reaffirm your faith in His unrelenting pursuit in revealing His majesty to us. In an intimate way. Be encouraged knowing He always speaks. Remember that we may need to change the way we listen and look in those places that seem least likely to find Him! Oh, how He loves us so…..