Friday, July 25, 2014


(In December 2013, I wrote a post entitled "Who's That Knocking at The Door?"  You may want to read that post before this one to help tie things together.)

Sweet Snuggles

Almost a year ago, my sweet snuggler of a dog developed the routine of coming to my bedroom door during my morning quiet time and asking to come in. He and I would enjoy each other's company as well as my time with God and his time being pampered.

Unfortunately, during the past few months, our morning ritual has changed a bit.  He now comes to my room VERY early,  scratching, whining and waiting to be let through the door.  If I don't open the door right away, Snuggles will wait outside continuing to whine and scratch until I do so.  Not helpful in my pursuit of prayer and quiet time with my Creator.

Why the change?  Well, we have another morning routine.  Snuggles gets one stick of dog jerky for his 'breakfast'. When?  After my quiet time, when I go downstairs to grab my cup of coffee and something to eat. Hmmmm......

Apparently, the treat has become more important than the pampering. Now, the food is the driving force behind his desire to seek me out in the morning. Satisfying his fleshly desire is more important than spending time with me feeling loved, comfortable and cared for. Hmmmm...

I recently realized how easily I can fall in that same routine. It is a trap, really.  How often do I allow my 'to do' list or the dog himself to get in the way of my quiet time?  How often do I pray for my own desires instead His desires for me?  How often do I ask for things that satisfy the flesh rather than fill the spirit?  How many times do I ignore or deny His will and press on toward my goal rather than His? How often do I just sit and listen, look and wait for Him rather than rushing ahead on impulse? How much do I ask to be blessed without giving, yielding, serving, asking what I can do for Him or just being with Him?

Fortunately, I can think outside the limits of a dog's life!  Praise Him for that saving grace!  I can  recognize what has become routine, what has become habit and move beyond it. I can make changes to improve my time with Him, my walk with Him, and my relationship with Him. If I anticipate the blessings of the flesh, I miss the most important blessing of all: being His presence!  Missing my walk in the garden with Him. Missing opportunities to serve, to help another, to worship. I focus on self rather than Him and others.

I wonder how many times I've missed something wonderful that He has waiting for me. Some blessing, some gift, some answer to a prayer I haven't even prayed yet. All because my heart and mind are not stayed on Him. The rush ahead. The anticipation of the treat. Hmmmm....

After all, it is NOT about the TREAT; it IS about the RELATIONSHIP.  That beautiful relationship of love is something we take into eternity...... Nothing is more important. Nothing. And, that is where we will receive blessing beyond measure. The treat is truly worth the wait!