Monday, September 3, 2012

Sands through the Hour Glass, A Crown of Glory

Ahh, the sensitive subject of aging...  This subject has been on my mind quite a bit during the past year as I swiftly approach my half-a-century mark. 

Just yesterday, a treasured, long-time friend asked me  "So how do you feel about turning 50?"  I drew a very deep breath in response to the very loaded question as my mind raced to scan my history--the mistakes, the trials, the successes, the challenges, the growth--wanting to answer the question with truth and godly perspective. "The physical challenges are the most difficult", I said, "but I treasure the spiritual wisdom and growth that comes with the years."

A tough question especially during this era as our culture places so much value on youth which is counter to the Word of God.  As I thought more deeply later on, these things came to mind:
  • I am embracing the wisdom and knowledge (especially the Godly) that comes with each passing year and the blessings in the children to whom I can pass that gift.
  • I am embracing spiritual growth, milestones and standing stones for Him! I am embracing a body that has a life's story to tell of accidents and babies, misguided idol worship lessons, divine rescues and amazing miracles! 
  • I am embracing the increasing physical 'weakness' by rejoicing that He is made stronger and glorified in them. I wait with great anticipation as to how I will see Him working this day and revealing Himself to me. 
  • I am celebrating His perspective on who I am rather than always looking in the mirror and relying on what I see and what 'the world' sees. 
  • I long for freedom from the fight of the flesh, to be with Him more, be like Him more with each passing day, to be 100 percent guided by His Spirit.
  • I increasingly long for the complete peace and rest the comes with His love, His grace and His deliverance and seeing Him face to face.
  • And, as the days behind grow longer than the days ahead, I truly give heartfelt thanksgiving each morning of waking as I rejoice in the day, be glad in it, and live His gift of life and mercy, one more day.....

Thirty-five days and counting. I will enter, God willing, my fifty-first year.  Wow...  I must not neglect to mention that my sweet friend followed her initial question by adding "You certainly don't look 50!" A girl always needs to hear that kind of love!

Celebrating the gift of life, the true meaning of life, that only our Wonderful Maker can give!

The silver-haired head is a crown of glory,
If it is found in the way of righteousness. Proverbs 16:31