Thursday, April 9, 2015


On this night of deliverance
Our freedom was bought by just One.
Who seemed of no significance
When the horrific deed was done.

Who, in His sacrifice, died once for all
He redeemed the broken, the fallen, the weak.
While self appointed judges looked upon Him appalled,
Those who believed stood watching unable to speak.

The Bread of Life, the blood outpoured.
As the earth shook and the thunder roared,
Tears flowed and tempers soared.
Sacrificed as the Lamb unblemished.
As grace grew and sin diminished,
He gasped His last breath and uttered “It is finished”.

In victory, the veil was torn.
A new age of redemption and healing was born
Through the one and only Son so scorned.
He ushered in the law of liberty.
In tremendous triumph, the cold tomb lay empty.
Death is defeated; we are no longer held guilty.

All for Freedom.
All for love.
Mighty as a Lion.
Yet gentle as a dove.

Into the wind we sing praises to His name.
For Freedom, for life ever after, for amazing love.
In unity, in spirit we are one the same
Because of this beautiful gift of God from heaven above.

All glory and honor and praise to our Heavenly Father and our Messiah, Jesus the Christ through Whom we have the gift of life eternal!