Saturday, June 13, 2015


 We are all called to something higher. We are all called to something higher, Someone higher, more important, with more power than this world has to offer. We are called to be in a constant, close, connected relationship with our Creator. And, we are called to become like Him.

Most certainly, a high calling. It explains the yearning, the longing that we all experience to reach beyond the everyday, the mundane, the routine. He created us before the foundation, the creation of the world. He put this desire deep inside our hearts. To use our gifts and talents. To discover exactly who He made us to be.

Yet we look elsewhere to satisfy that longing. And, truly, the only One who can satisfy is Christ, the Son of the living God.

We are made in His image. We are to abide in Him. We are to become like Him.

Dare I say, we are to become the suffering servant?! In truth, it is the only way we will satisfy that longing within.  We need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Really. No, really.

Not for faint of heart. Not for the self seeking or the proud in heart. Yet when we are weak then He is strong. Glory belongs to Him alone.

Strength in weakness, in suffering, in dependence. A novel concept.

Yet, our loving God would have it no other way. Lives lived in love must sacrifice, must suffer in this world. We all want to love and be loved. Sometimes love hurts. Sometimes love suffers long. True, sacrificial love always heals.

Though I do hate to be the bearer of bad news, I do love to be the light bearer of Truth. TRUTH: His ways are not our ways. His ways are higher than ours. Don't believe the lie that this life should be easy and without suffering. If you do, you will find constant disappointment and heartache.

Let's take a look at our Savior. Jesus, the Christ, was born into a meager life. He became a carpenter. Nothing fancy. He grew in grace and knowledge of His heavenly Father so that He could be about His Father's business.  Not His own. He was taught in the temple in His younger years. He waited. He sat patient listening to scripture and being guided by the Holy Spirit. He led a simple life. He waited for His Father's timing in being called to walk worthy and share His calling with others as He had been instructed.  He sat, watched, waited. He waited for His Father's purpose for Him, in His Father's perfect timing, to be used for His Father's glory.  Not in His own timing, not for His own purposes, and not for His own glory. Sacrifice.

Jesus walked when called by His Father to preach the word of Truth in LOVE. Though all power was to be given to Him by the Father, He walked and preached with humility and love.

When His time had come, Christ stood firm in the will of God trusting in the plan and purposes of His heavenly Father. He stood against the lies of the Evil One who tried to persuade Him not to fulfill His God-given destiny.  He drew the sword of Truth in defense knowing His steadfastness would glorify His Father and draw many sons to glory.

He sat waiting patiently resting on the promises of God. He walked following the Spirit preaching to many, enduring ridicule, and all the while look to the future His Father had promised. He stood firm in the Truth based upon the plan and promises of God.

He sacrificed self in mind, in spirit and finally in body. He died once,  for all. No fanfare, no trumpets, no press releases, no praise. Yet, He inherited the kingdom from and for the glory of His Father.

We are called to such a calling. It looks different for each one of us but end result is the same. To be made in His image, to be transformed, redeemed, a witness for Truth and bear the eternal weight of glory. To sacrifice. It is a high calling. It is a glorious calling. It is a not-of-this-world calling. We must live it today.

Embrace it. Live it. Tough love. Only the best things in life come from tough love: grace, mercy, forgiveness,  justice, peace, life ever after. The BEST things in life are NOT free.  They require giving love, suffering and sacrifice. They result in freedom, healing, and reward. Loving when life is not easy. The sacrifice is great but the rewards are greater still. The giving brings more blessing than the getting.

May we believe in and live out our eternal vision in the here-and-now and give  ALL glory and honor and praise to our Father in the spectacular heavens and His Son, Jesus the Christ, our Lord and our King!